Translate your business goals into a concrete internet plan and earn each euro back multiple times.

The internet offers endless possibilities, but it’s a shame to just throw your money in the air. That’s why it’s important to analyze what can and can’t contribute to your business objectives. In short: to know what brings in revenue.


Yes Workshop

 Don’t spend money at random

In order to turn the internet into your 24/7 marketing engine, we need to make the right choice between all possibilities. You must earn back every euro you spend.

And that’s exactly the purpose of our Yes workshop: we let you go in the right direction, so that every investment in a website and online marketing yields optimally. In that way, the internet doesn’t only cost you money, but it mainly brings growth and profit.

Do you want a new website? Then we can put our heads together to think about a logical structure. That way we can work out a handy navigation and information structure, so that your visitors can easily find their way through your website. And become customers smoothly.

Do you already have a website? Together with our marketing and web specialists, you can look at how online marketing can improve your results. That doesn’t happen at random, but with thorough analyzes and a profitability calculation.


From your business goals to measurable results


The strategy of your company is central in this workshop. In a first phase we listen to your story, dreams and bottlenecks. That way we thoroughly understand your marketing objectives and priorities.

Data & research

Then we shift into an higher gear and dig deeper. We investigate how your customers use the internet. With specialized tools we make a detailed analysis about:

  • how your customers search for your products or services,
  • how often and how high you appear in the search results now
  • and how well you could score in the future.

If your company already has a website, we analyze the extent to which it meets the expectations you have for your company.

Online marketing workshop

Based on the figures from the previous step, we test all your possibilities on the internet in a marketing workshop. Together we look at the costs and benefits of every opportunity. That way we can objectively determine where the greatest opportunities lie for your company.

Your Yes-report with a well thought-out action plan that really works

After the workshop we start with the preparation of your Yes-report. That allows you to make choices in a well-founded way. The report includes:

  • An overview of the way your customers look for your products and services.
  • The optimal structure, functionality and marketing message of your website
  • A systematic overview of all online marketing opportunities for your company
  • A vision of an online strategy that supports and strengthens your company’s strategy
  • A roadmap with accompanying cost-benefit analysis to build your 24/7 marketing engine
  • A budget proposal adapted to your financial possibilities

Of course, that document is only the first step. After all, with the Yes workshop you know exactly what’s happening in your sector on the digital field. That way you can respond faster and better to the market than your competitors. The internet is growing every day. And your company evolves easily.

quick facts

70 to 90 percent of visitors disappear because of a weakly designed page. Let your website make customers out of it!

The average attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to 8 seconds now. Let your visitor immediately find what he is looking for!

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