A business website turns visitors in real clients

Beautiful. User friendly. Handmade. Your company website should be all that. But he also has to generate new customers and a higher turnover. In short: a website has to sell. Yellowshape maximizes the number of visitors on your business website and the percentage that proceeds to a purchase or a contact request.

That way, a company website gives a clear overview of all products or services that your company offers. And above all: all pages are built up to lead to a conversion. That’s how a visitor becomes a real customer.


A company website should not only look good, but it should also do his job: delivering customers. Online marketing does the trick.


Company goals turned into a website and online marketing plan

Your website should give a correct picture of your company. We first want to fully understand your business, needs and vision. Based on those insights, we draw your website and set up an online marketing plan. Online marketing is always the core of our approach. That’s why we first have a Yes workshop that serves as the basis for our further collaboration. First think, then act.



A company website should not only look good, but it should also do his job. With online marketing:

  1. We strengthen the image of your company. With an attractive online story we build your image and arouse the interest of potential customers.
  2. We generate traffic. Your website gets more visitors.
  3. We ensure conversion. We obtain the contact details of your visitors, after which your sales department does the necessary follow-up. That way your visitors become real customers.

We always use our own Yes strategy, based on proven online marketing techniques that we align with your sector.



We optimize your website with a powerful sales story. That’s how your product and service detail pages are structured to lead to conversions. We sell your entire range of products and services online. Not only the product sales run smoothly thanks to an efficient stock module, but we also highlight your services. Furthermore, you can quickly and easily integrate new products or services.



To better understand who exactly visits your website, we study the behavior of your visitors. That way we get to know who they are, what they want and how we can tempt them to a conversion. We do this by evaluating and optimizing your website.

We translate our comprehensive reports to you in human language. That gives you insight into the functioning of your own website and our approach. The result? A website that continuously evolves and continues to respond to the purchasing behavior of your customers.



Confusing language, we do not like that either. We therefore always speak the language of your company during our meetings. You also receive monthly clear insights that give you added value as an entrepreneur.

Furthermore, you get the results of the online marketing campaign every four weeks in a clear report. Are there any questions? We’re happy to answer them in a Yes insight session. Let us get to know each other!


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