Website Optimization

Your website has to turn visitors into customers, contacts and profit.

Many companies only focus on attracting more visitors. But those visitors don’t mean a thing if your website doesn’t turn them into loyal customers. With an optimized website, no potential customer slips through the meshes of the net.


Attracting visitors to your website is only half of the story. Your marketing activities must also yield something. Otherwise you have wasted your money.

Scientific research shows that visitors know within 5 to 10 seconds whether the page is interesting or not. The question is of course: how can your website stimulate them? How do you make the difference?

Many companies spend a lot of money on beautiful websites that unfortunately do not result in profit. Unthoughtful texts and defective structures prevent you from making visitors customers. Consequence? A bad Return On Investment (ROI).

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) or conversion optimization converts more visitors into customers. Optimizing a website, however, is not a do-it-yourself matter. It requires a thorough, multidisciplinary analysis. Do your images work? Your buttons? The texts? Do you get in touch with the emotions of your customer? Do you offer added value to your customer?

These are all crucial questions. The internet happily allows you to carry out measurements. That is why we monitor accurately how long your visitors stay on your site, how many times they click through, how your conversion rate is. Not once but continuously. Based on that knowledge, we can therefore continually adjust.


CRO is the whole of techniques to make customers of your visitors. That can be done by convincing them to purchase a product on your website, fill in a contact form or request a quote.

Conversion optimization


Even if your conversion rate increases by only a few percent - for example from 5 to 10% - it can result in a large increase of your income. A CRO campaign gets everything out of your current traffic, so your website does not let potential customers slip away.

Advertising is expensive. And certainly when you are not able to turn new visitors into customers. It’s better to invest in an optimization of your website, because that costs you less and the result is permanent. Yet we notice that companies forget that simple rule.

We therefore investigate how your visitors behave on your website and what motivates them to act. Systematically we guide them to a conversion. How? By means of call-to-actions, convincing copywriting and a well-thought-out design.

quick facts

Deleting unnecessary elementsfrom your website is just as effective to increase the conversion as adding things.

63% of companies do conversion optimization on good luck. Outsmart them with facts and proven strategies.

The effect of CRO on your business

You see more results when you convert your existing traffic. If you look at the figures, with one optimization to your website you get more return month on month. And a fun fact: you didn’t spend an extra euro on advertising.


Effects of CRO


Suppose your website currently has 5000 visitors per month, of which 5 % fill out a form. Then you will receive 250 applications monthly. If you create 1 % extra conversion here, you will receive 50 additional requests. To get the same result, you had to generate 1000 additional visitors.


Frequently asked questions
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