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Why are social media so important for your business? Simple: because they have such a wide range. Worldwide, more than 2 billion accounts are active. Almost three quarters of consumers even trust social media in their purchase decisions. And that is probably no different in your sector.

Thanks to social media, a business attracts a large audience. And consumers become familiar with the brand identity and the image of your company. You can attract more visitors and strengthen the relationship with your existing customers. Of course, this is reflected in more purchases and contact requests.


With social media you attract more potential customers and you strengthen the relationship with your existing customers



With social media marketing (or SMM) we use various activities on social media networks to make your business visible. For example, we regularly post information on all kinds of networks in the form of text, images and videos. We also provide paying social media ads.



We always work goal-oriented. For example, we only focus on the social media that your target audience uses. We also think about how we best meet your potential customers. We know: the endless possibilities of social media can be confusing. Our social media experts will therefore guide you through the digital maze. After all, they know which social media are relevant in your sector.



You can’t ignore it: Facebook is by far the largest social network. We set up a company page for you. Together with you we discuss the ideal layout, because it influences your brand image. Furthermore, we post information that is related to your company on a regular basis. Just think about articles, images, videos and so on.

Google +

Google + is increasingly becoming a competitor for Facebook. Here too, we promote your company with photos, links, videos and more. An additional advantage: we can divide your followers into segments. That way we work even more goal-oriented.


Images and videos of new products and services? We place them on Instagram. We take your potential customers behind the scenes of your company. Or we start a photo contest. Anyway: it is the ideal medium to strengthen your brand image.


With LinkedIn we aim mainly at your professional partners. That brings your business into contact with other companies in or outside the sector. And can you look inside your competitors kitchen.

We also encourage your existing customers and partners to put your company page in the spotlight. That shows trust to new consumers. And persuades them to visit your website.


News about your company or sector? We share that on Twitter. In that way your company becomes an authority in your field and you increase your influence.

We also certainly do not forget to 'retweet' when a customer post something positive about your company on his account. Digital word-of-mouth advertising? Nice bonus! You can also follow other companies. Pick up on trends.



Confusing language, we do not like that either. We therefore always speak the language of your company during our meetings. You also receive monthly clear insights that give you added value as an entrepreneur.

Furthermore, you get the results of the social media campaign every four weeks in a clear report. Are there any questions? We’re happy to answer them in a Yes insight session. Let us get to know each other!



Yes, let us have a talk!

We always start with a YES! introductory session in which we get to know your goals, sector and vision:

  • We listen to your story and learn about your company and goals

  • We brainstorm about your opportunities of today and tomorrow

  • We introduce ourselves, how we work and how we can contribute to your online success

Yes, let us sit down together!

Once we've received your information, we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment!

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Who’s Yellowshape?

Yellowshape is a full-service digital agency specialized in generating customers via the internet. Some difficult words, no? We just want to say that we help your company with everything that happens online. Just think of websites, online marketing and conversion optimization.

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Nieuw Dak in 24 uur

De onlinemarketingcampagne van Nieuw Dak in 24 uur loopt vlot. Het aantal conversies in de Adwords campagne is met 400% toegenomen..

Vinum S

Yellowshape maakte een verbindingsmodule op de website van Vinum S met het Wine Searcher platform. Zo kunnen zij hun exclusieve dranken ook via andere kanalen promoten en verkopen.

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