High scoring in Google is important. And you already know that, otherwise you would not have ended up on this page. But why should your small to medium-sized company actually be at the top of the search results?

Well, because you have to be visible to your target audience. Around 80% of internet users search for your products or services via Google. And about three-quarters of those potential customers never look beyond the first page of the search results.

We therefore ensure that customers find your services or products online. And we do that with SEO.


About three-quarters of your potential customers never look beyond the first page of the search results.



With search engine optimization (or SEO) we optimize the visibility of your website as SEO agency in search engine results. This way you score higher without having to pay a eurocent to advertisements. And you will be found by potential customers who are effectively looking and therefore show interest. In order to bring more traffic to your website, we carry out tested and proven SEO techniques. This is how we proceed in two steps:


Our SEO experts observe as true spies the way in which your potential customers search for your products and services. We start with a keyword analysis. This way we know perfectly which keywords type consumers into the Google search bar.

Based on these findings and further research, we set up an appropriate and effective SEO strategy for your business, which we then implement systematically.


The implementation of our SEO strategy consists of two parts, namely on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

According to the rules of SEO copywriting, we make your website visible with every relevant search for the products and services you offer. You notice that your website gets more visitors. And that they proceed faster to a conversion, for example a contact request or sale.



Better visibility

Your target group always first research online before buying a product or service. Thanks to SEO you are visible to your potential customers the moment they enter a search query in the search engine and show interest.

Fast conversion

We ensure that the content of your website is perfectly tailored to the needs and wishes of your target group. Your potential customers are therefore directly addressed, so they can proceed more quickly to a contact request or purchase.

You don't have to pay per click

Those who advertise in Google pay for each click on an advertisement. And that is not the case with SEO. Your links have been hit in Google in a 'natural' way to the first search results. When someone clicks on your link, it does not cost you eurocent.

B2B or B2C

We examine the search behavior of your target group and adapt our SEO strategy to those findings. This way we know exactly how we can be visible to your potential customers. Whether it concerns companies or individuals.



Confusing language, we do not like that either. We therefore always speak the language of your company during our meetings. You also receive monthly clear insights that give you added value as an entrepreneur.

Furthermore, you get the results of the SEO campaign every four weeks in a clear report. Are there any questions? We’re happy to answer them in a Yes insight session. Let us get to know each other!


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  • We listen to your story and learn about your company and goals

  • We brainstorm about your opportunities of today and tomorrow

  • We introduce ourselves, how we work and how we can contribute to your online success

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Yellowshape is a full-service digital agency specialized in generating customers via the internet. Some difficult words, no? We just want to say that we help your company with everything that happens online. Just think of websites, online marketing and conversion optimization.

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Nieuw Dak in 24 uur

De onlinemarketingcampagne van Nieuw Dak in 24 uur loopt vlot. Het aantal conversies in de Adwords campagne is met 400% toegenomen..

Vinum S

Yellowshape maakte een verbindingsmodule op de website van Vinum S met het Wine Searcher platform. Zo kunnen zij hun exclusieve dranken ook via andere kanalen promoten en verkopen.

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