With remarketing, you can attract potential customers, who visited your website but did not take action, back to your web pages with relevant ads on all kinds of websites, applications and social media. That way it’s possible to focus your ads on people who already showed interest in your products and services.

Thanks to remarketing, you can focus your ads on people who already showed interest in your products and services


How does remarketing work exactly?

Together with you, our remarketing specialists determine which product and service pages on your website are important. For example, we can use a specialized remarketing program to check which potential customers have visited certain pages without having made a purchase or contact request. 

We then create relevant advertisements that respond to the product and service pages that were visited. We place these advertisements on websites, social media or applications that your potential customers use after their visit to your website. In that way we can trigger them to return to your website and make a purchase or contact request.



  1. Advertisements:People who have already visited your website without taking any action will see advertisements in Google, websites, applications or social media.
  2. Email remarketing: We start a mailing campaign to all your contacts and obtain new email addresses via your website. We can continue to encourage people who open your first email and lure them to your website. 
  3. Search remarketing: You can even target your ads to people who never visited your website, but are looking for your products and services. After typing words in the Google search bar that are relevant to what you have to offer, you can show ads on all kinds of channels they use.
  4. Video remarketing: You can show ads in Youtube videos to pull people who have visited your website or social media channels back to your website again.



  • Brand exposure. The more a customer comes into contact with your brand or company, the greater the chance that he will make a purchase or contact request.
  • More targeted ads. Your ads are aimed at an audience that has already shown interest in your business, your products or services. You can even segment by region, age, gender, and so on.
  • Flexible budget. You have complete control over your budget. You can also easily follow the results of your campaigns, so you can adjust where necessary. 
  • Higher conversion. The conversion rate for remarketing campaigns is always higher than other marketing campaigns. 
  • Better ROI. Higher conversion rates lead to a better return on investment and a lower cost per sale.



Confusing language, we do not like that either. We therefore always speak the language of your company during our meetings. You also receive monthly clear insights that give you added value as an entrepreneur.

Furthermore, you get the results of the remarketing campaign every four weeks in a clear report. Are there any questions? We’re happy to answer them in a Yes insight session. Let's get to know each other!


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