It’s important that your small to medium-sized business appears at the top of the search results in Google. And nobody needs to tell you that, because otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up on our website and read this text. But why exactly should your SME score high?

Well, because your potential customers must be able to find your company online. Around 80% of internet users search for your products or services via Google. That’s why it is the ideal advertising channel.

With SEA and compelling advertisements, we therefore ensure that your potential customers find their way to your products and services.


80 % of internet users search via Google. That’s why it is the ideal advertising channel



With search engine marketing (or SEA) we attract more website visitors by placing advertisements in search engine results. On one condition: your campaigns must be targeted. That’s why we first research how your customers look for your products and services.


Our SEA consultants examine which popular search terms your potential customers use in their search for products and services that you also offer. By that we mean the keywords they type in the Google search bar. The word combinations that have the largest search volume are of course the most interesting.


Based on these keywords, our SEA experts write the most compelling ad texts for your company. Our SEA agency ensures that potential customers find your company just when they are looking for what you offer.

By targeting search engine advertising via Google Adwords in that way, your ad appears at the top of the search results. And also above the advertisements of your direct competition. The higher the advertisement in the search results, the more visitors receive your website. And the more visitors, the more chance of conversions.



Google Adwords is the channel on which our Adwords experts advertise on Google. It’s also possible to advertise on websites that are connected to Google.

Our Adwords specialists base the content of the advertisements on keywords about your products or services. If a potential customer searches for one of these keywords, our Adwords agency places the ad next to or above the search results.



At the top in Google

Your target group always first researches online before buying a product or service. Thanks to SEA, your company is visible to your potential customers on the moment they enter a search query in the search engine and show interest.

Direct and measurable result

Starting a SEA campaign is choosing immediate results. It‘s an online campaign for which you buy advertising space, so you are assured of direct results. You pay per click on the ad. And that click is more than worth its money, because it can lead to a new customer.

Our SEA specialists and online marketers continuously monitor your campaigns. That way we have the possibility to adjust where necessary. We also compare your advertising costs with the achieved conversions. You can check in detail what your investment yields.

Fast conversion

We ensure that the content of the advertisements is perfectly aligned with the keywords, needs and wishes of your target group. Your potential customers are therefore directly addressed, making them more likely to click on the advertisement, to proceed to a purchase or a contact request.



Confusing language, we do not like that either. We therefore always speak the language of your company during our meetings. You also receive monthly clear insights that give you added value as an entrepreneur.

Furthermore, you get the results of the SEA campaign every four weeks in a clear report. Are there any questions? We’re happy to answer them in a Yes insight session. Let us get to know each other!



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