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Today we live in a digital economy and people inform themselves online. Your company must therefore be clearly visible on different platforms with a clear message. For example, on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, but also in Google or with mailings.

Online marketing is
the engine of your sales

With strong online marketing, potential customers find you at the right time. Namely when they search online for the products and services that your company offers. Your target audience uses Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter every day. Each of these platforms therefore offers many (advertising) possibilities. Which platform is attractive for your business depends on your products or services. And who exactly your potential customers are.


The internet is a 24/7 marketing engine. If you do it professionally, at least. Do not start to advertise at random or create random profiles on social media. Before you realize it, you spend tons of money without reaching your goal. You should achieve great results with a modest budget. And not vice versa. Start with a well-thought-out strategy, which we determine together in our Yes workshop.

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Marketing remains marketing, but the way of communicating has changed

Your potential customers use different platforms and are only interested in an answer to their problem. And even only when they are looking for an answer. Not sooner, not later.

Talk to them at the right time, because otherwise you pay for peanuts. Keep that in mind in your marketing story. That’s how you ensure results.

Chart the journey of your customers well. Know when to be visible and what to say at what time. And that’s possible both online and offline. You should get the right mix between traditional and online marketing.

We therefore first investigate who your customers are and which digital and analogue channels they use. But we also look at your main competitors and what makes you different in relation to them. Thanks to that approach, we’re building a campaign that ensures traffic and conversion.

quick facts

91% of customersuse a search engine: be visible with a well-built marketing strategy!

78% of searches are done with the Google search engine. Make sure you appear at the top of Google!

campaign media

To achieve goals, we use certain techniques. Below are the techniques that we use most often:

Campaign goals

We can set up digital campaigns around every possible purpose. Here are some examples of the most common goals:

Increase sales

Event promotion

Increase visibility

Launch service / product



Increase traffic

Improve perception

Yes, let us begin

We always start with a YES! introductory session in which we get to know your goals, sector and vision:


  • We listen to your story and learn about your company and goals
  • We brainstorm about your opportunities of today and tomorrow
  • We introduce ourselves, how we work and how we can contribute to your online success

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