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Yellowshape uses cookies. That way we ensure that your browsing experience on our website is pleasant. Here you will learn, among other things, what cookies are and which different variants we use.

What are cookies?

Cookies are temporary text files that your computer, tablet or smartphone saves when you visit our website. Thanks to the information in these cookies, we can, for example, remember your language preference. We also use cookies to understand how you use our website and which services you find interesting. Cookies are not all baked from the same dough. We use three variants: functional, analytical and marketing cookies.


Functional cookies

To make our website work optimally, we use functional cookies. With this you save your website preferences, you automatically log into our website and all your products are kept in the shopping cart for a later time.

Name cookie: _cfduid
Posted by: Cloudflare
Purpose: This cookie is used by the Cloudflare content network to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and to set up security based on these clients. There is no relation to a user ID and no personal data is stored.

Name cookie: ci_session
Posted by: Yes-CMS (CMS platform of this website)
Purpose: Functional cookies related to the user session, necessary for the correct functioning of the website. By generating a random and encrypted code, the site can identify visitors (anonymously). This cookie allows communication between web server and browser and stores information from your session temporarily. For example, it ensures that you do not have to fill out a form completely when you reload the page or make a mistake.

Name cookie: user_id
Posted by: Yes-CMS (CMS platform of this website)
Purpose: A cookie that connects to the central cms platform and ensures that the correct website is displayed.

Analytical cookies

We want to learn from you every day. With analytical cookies we collect information about the use of our website and we see which information you find useful or redundant.

Name cookie: _ga
Posted by: Google Analytics
Purpose: Through this cookie we can distinguish unique users from each other and measure how they use the website. This is done on the basis of a randomly generated ID code.

Name cookie: _gat
Posted by: Google Analytics
Purpose: Used by Google Analytics to slow down request speed. It does not contain any personal information.

Name cookie: _gid
Posted by: Google Analytics
Purpose: Through these cookies we analyze activities on our website so that we can improve our product pages. We share this information with Google.

Name cookie: collect
Posted by: Google Analytics
Purpose: Used to send data to Google Analytics about the device and the behavior of the visitor. Traces the visitor on different devices and marketing channels.

Marketing cookies

We love campaign results. The performance cookie measures how successful our ads are. Finally, tracking cookies help us understand if you are interested in one of our products. That way we can show you a nice offer during browsing.

Name cookie: NID
Posted by: Google
Purpose: This cookie keeps track of your preferences for Google websites and allows you to share articles via Google+. Google also shows you relevant advertisements through this cookie. We share this information with Google.


Remove and disable cookies

After the expiration date, cookies will be automatically removed from your computer. It is possible to manually delete cookies at an earlier time or to deactivate the storage of cookies on your computer. You do this via the settings of your browser. Select the help function of your browser (the F1 button on your keyboard) or view the help pages of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorerto see how this works.


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