From Way2Web to Yellowshape

From Way2Web to Yellowshape

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Let’s not beat around the bush: Way2Web becomes Yellowshape. "What?! Why? How? " We understand that you have many questions. And will happily answer them below.


Way2Web: helping customers on their way to the web

The story of Way2Web started a few years ago. That name said it all back then, because we were the way to the web for a lot of businesses. After all, our customers consisted mainly of companies that didn’t yet have a professional website.

Web creation was therefore our main activity. For almost every customer we started from scratch. We created a completely new website. The development of high-performance and professional websites was our most important competence.

From Way2Web to Yellowshape

Yellowshape: the internet as a marketing engine

Meanwhile, the online marketing process has evolved considerably. You no longer make the difference with just a high-performance website, because it has become a minimum requirement. Online ads, mailings, SEO, SEA, blogs, Facebook and LinkedIn are gaining momentum.

Completely in line with this evolution, our approach has grown. To such an extent that a name change was necessary after a while. So now we are called Yellowshape. Our goal? We want to use the internet as a marketing engine of your business.

With Yellowshape, we focus on generating growth and profit for our customers. And we do that with websites, online marketing and the optimization of websites. We attract visitors to your website, which we then transform into new customers.


Why the name Yellowshape?

The color yellow is dynamic. Young. Lively. Hopeful. Striking. Optimistic. But the color also stands for wisdom and intellect.

We can see that combination in our team: Most of us are relatively young and energetic, but we also have tons of experience and insights that we would like to use to help your business grow.

And why Shape? Well, we bring form and structure to your online story. We give 'body' to your presence on the internet. We’re currently living in a digital economy and people are informing themselves online. That’s why your company must be visible online with a clearly designed message.


Way2Web to Yellowshape

Illustration - We actively think along with our customers. Based on analyzes, we’ll look together for the best mix of tools and methods..


Questions? We’ll happily answer them

Do you want to attract new visitors with your website? Or do you want to optimize your website so that it makes customers of visitors? Then contact Yellowshape.

We help you win customers through digital channels. That’s how we create and optimize websites and do online marketing. Interested? Let’s sit together without any obligation!

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