Yellowshape team

As one team we let the internet make costumers for your company

Together with you and your team we’ll let you grow your business on and with the internet. To make that possible, we create websites and set up result-oriented campaigns. That way we ensure that visitors of your website become real customers.

Less blabla and more boom with a real Yes mentality.

We believe that small to medium-sized companies are the heart of our society. Today, however, the internet offers big challenges for the average company. The digital economy is no longer coming, but already here.

Our mission? To turn these challenges into opportunities together with the managers and their teams. That way we help businesses to grow and make more profit.

Years ago, we started as Way2Web with web creation as our main activity. The development of high-performance and professional websites was our most important competence.

Meanwhile, the online marketing process has evolved considerably. Completely in line with this evolution, our approach has also grown. That’s why we’re now called Yellowshape. We make the internet the 24/7 marketing engine of our customers.

And we do that with websites, online marketing and conversion optimization. We attract visitors to your website, which we then transform into new customers.

Our Yes workshop is central to our approach. First think twice, then spend money.

How do let the Yes mentality work for your company?

A positive, enthusiastic approach, we fully support that. We prefer to say 'hello' or 'good day' than the formal 'honorable' or 'best'. In our close collaboration we see ourselves as part of your team.

We join forces in a constructive dialogue: you have the knowledge of your company and sector, we know the web. We therefore like to be in direct contact with the driving forces in your company. That way we can quickly switch and book results.


YES Workshop

our team

Our team consists of different faces and characters. Yet we all have that one thing in common: a passion for the digital revolution. And we like to bring that to your business.

Yellowshape team



Our rules

No result without planning

Promises are sacred

Winners don't cheat

Our values

Speak people language

Speak people language

Away with difficult jargon. We prefer to speak in your language. That way everyone is aware of what is happening at all times. PS: even your grandma can understand us. Really.

Our values

Put family and friends first

Work and private life? It can’t be a fight.

Share knowledge

Share knowledge

We have to make each other smarter. Share what we know, without imposing an opinion.

Stay positive

Stay positive or stay at home

We start our cooperation with great enthusiasm. If there is no positive energy, we don’t achieve any results.

Never forget the details

Never forget the details

We treat your project like ours. If we are not satisfied with the result, you can’t be. And vice-versa.

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